Welshdoodles’ Lucy’s Outstanding pups* available 3/23

Lucy’s babies have the MOST beautiful soft, cuddly coats & adoring eyes*If you want a friend for life these are the dogs for you, fun-loving, playful, loyal, goldendoodles are for you!

SOLD- Tina
Billy- SOLD
Brad- SOLD
Olivia- SOLD
Olivia- SOLD
Gail- SOLD
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2 thoughts on “Welshdoodles’ Lucy’s Outstanding pups* available 3/23

  1. Do you have any puppies that will be available around May? If so, how much are your puppies? I am on the Women’s Golf Team at Thomas Univeristy and am looking to get a goldendooldle for my birthday.

    1. Hello Dominy, We will have mini goldendoodles at that time. The mini goldendoodles are $2,000.00
      Our standard goldendoodles are $1,500. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call,
      barbara wolter

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