4 thoughts on “Welshdoodles.com Mini Goldendoodle Pup of the Day*Patty #mingoldendoodlepupGeorgiaFloridaCarolinaTennesseeAlabama #goldendoodle #goldendoodlepup

  1. If you still have female welsh doodles available, I would like to visit to pick one. How far are you from Atlanta? I’m not seeing a price for them. Please advise.

    1. Hello Cheri, We have the here girls left. Someone is very interested in one of the girls. All three girls as sweet as can be. We are in Thomasville, Ga., a little north of Tallahassee. I am going to email you from my personal email, bw31792@gmail,com with more pics. The girls are $2300.
      By the way we love visitors. We have someone visiting this weekend form Tallahassee. They will be 5 weeks this weekend, they are getting so fun!
      barbara wolter
      229 516 0607

    2. Hello Cheri, this is barbara wolter from welshdoodles. Yes, we would love to have yo visit anytime. I am sure I have double emailed you because I want to make sure you get the email barbara wolter

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