F1 Mini Goldendoodle Pace Shares Love*6 gorgeous pups waiting to fill your life with love

We at Welshdoodles   are committed to raising healthy, well-socialized dogs.  Our companion dogs live with us 24/7 with plenty of attention and love.  Welshdoodles is devoted to our pups.   When our pups are born, we identify each pup with collared collars.  Their weight is tracked daily, and we socialize them with other dogs and children. They are bathed regularly and exposed to all new information regarding raising dogs.  Because our pups are born and raised in the home they are exposed to various types of household and outdoor sounds for neural stimulation.  Pups receive worming at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks. Dewclaws are removed and their first set of vaccinations are given. We provide our pups with a microchip through the Continental Kennel Club. Pups stay in our home with their mom until they at least reach 8 weeks of age. Our goals are to produce happy healthy dogs.  With your new companion, you will receive a bag of premium puppy food, and a booklet full of helpful information. In total, we have 25 years of breeding experience. We absolutely love our goldendoodles!

Going away for a trip? It is possible for us to be flexible on delivery day!

The pups are sold for $2,300.  Please find out all about us on our website: www.welshdoodles.com.

We are happy to answer questions if you would like to email for call. #welshdoodles #minigoldendoodles #goldendoodles

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 The Welshdoodle team,

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Ann 954-812-4979

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