Meet Our Family

Ann Welsh-Brewer  IMG_1305

Mark Schindler    Mark

Barbara Wolter

Prince Kye of Forest Hall — Born Jan. 21, 2014


Lady Lucille of Forest Hall “Lucy”– Born May 13, 2015


Queen Hillary of Forest Hall — Born Oct. 24, 2013


R & R’s Smiling Sheratin “Shelby” — Born Sept. 3, 2012


Princess Margaret of Forest Hall “Meg” — Born Nov. 2, 2015

Princess Grace Pearl of Forest Hall “Gracie” — Born Apr. 19, 2016

Prince Baxter of Forest Hall — Born Feb. 3, 2017



Welshdoodles’ founder, Ann Welsh-Brewer, was born in Newcastle, England. She is the mother of four children, a grandmother of five and great-grandmother of five. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and volunteering at a local women’s shelter. She previously bred Cockapoos for 10 years and Yorkipoos for 3 years. Now she enjoys breeding our wonderful Goldendoodles. She was a labor and delivery nurse (RN) for over 20 years. She still enjoys the privilege of birthing, only now it’s our furry, four-legged babies!




Her son, Mark served in the United States Navy and enjoyed a career as an emergency room nurse (RN) for over 25 years. He is the father of two children and enjoys six grandsons. He’s a graduate of the Animal Behavioral College and is currently a Certified Dog & Cat Groomer. In his free time he enjoys our family of dogs at home, time in the gym and Yoga. His medical career and grooming experience combined ensure our dogs and puppies receive the very best care possible. 




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Meet Kye! He is our handsome, healthy English Cream Golden Retriever. He’s very affectionate and loves playing fetch and with the other dogs in our home. He is registered purebred with the CKC, has received a healthy-hip certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and has been certified brucellosis-free by our veterinarian. We adopted him in 2015 and he’s our gentle, loving giant!




Meet Lucy! She’s our beautiful, apricot Standard Poodle and we adopted her in 2015. She’s pretty and sweet and as lovely as a peach! She’s fun-loving, playful, intelligent and brings a lot of joy to our home. She is also registered purebred with the CKC. She & Kye have had two litters of beautiful & healthy Goldendoodle pups — a litter of seven (in 2017) and another litter of eight (in 2018). She’s a wonderful doggy mom and we love her very much!





Meet Hilly! She’s our lovely, silver-tipped Standard Poodle we adopted in 2014. She is registered purebred with both the AKC and CKC. She has an endearing personality which matches her beauty! She loves to cuddle & play and has a blast with her “brothers” and “sisters”. She & Kye have had two litters of healthy and adorable Goldendoodles  — a litter of seven (in 2017) and a litter of eight (in 2018). She’s an amazing doggy mom! We love her so much!




Meet Shelby! She’s our gorgeous, silver-tipped Standard Poodle we also adopted in 2014. She loves attention & affection and is oh-so-sweet! She’s laid-back and a little bit shy and we love her gentle spirit. She is also registered purebred with both the AKC and CKC. She gave birth to a litter of eleven (yes! 11!) gorgeous little Goldendoodles in May of 2015 and she is also an amazing doggy mom! She no longer breeds but is very much an important & appreciated member of our wonderful family of dogs!





Meet our sweet, little Meg! She’s our beautiful, solid-white Golden Retriever. We adopted her as soon as she was ready in 2015. She’s spunky, playful and lots of fun! She keeps us laughing as we watch her entertain her doggy “brothers” and “sisters”! She is also registered purebred with both the AKC and CKC. She & Kye had two litters of gorgeous purebred Golden Retrievers (in 2016 & 2018) and she also had a litter of eight adorable Goldendoodle pups (in 2017) and she loved being a “doggy mom”! She no longer breeds but is very much an important & appreciated member of our wonderful family of dogs!




Meet our sweet, beautiful girl Gracie! She’s our stunning, solid-white Standard Poodle & we adopted her as soon as she was ready in 2016. She’s smart, easygoing and very charming and we enjoy her sweet nature. She is also registered purebred with the AKC and CKC. She and Kye had their very first litter of seven adorable Goldendoodles (in 2017) and we were thrilled to meet their gorgeous pups!





Meet Baxter! He’s our black Standard Poodle & the newest member of our wonderful family of dogs. He joined us in the spring of 2017 and not only is he handsome — he’s also smart, friendly and playful & we love his spunky disposition! He is also registered purebred with both the AKC and CKC. We look forward to enjoying his affectionate personality for years to come.





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