All About the Minidoodle

Are you bringing a Minidoodle home? 

Just as you check/research anything you buy, you should find out as much as possible about your new minidoodles.

Parents – What makes this dog a minidoodle?

To be classified Goldendoodle, regardless of size the combination of DNA in your pup MUST include Poodle & Golden Retriever.  To achieve this Mini status breeders are introducing the Smaller miniature or toy poodle into their breeding program.  Please check the drop down Generational types on “why goldendoodles” on our website.

How have Welshdoodles produced our litters of mini doodles?  Two methods-

Breeding our F1 goldendoodle, female, with a miniature poodle, resulting in a F1B ( mini ) goldendoodle.  We have DNA certification to ensure that our F1 mom is indeed 50% golden retriever and 50% AKC miniature poodle.  Second, breeding method is breeding our AKC English cream golden retriever with either an AKC Miniature or Toy Poodle.  This breeding produces F1 Mini-Goldendoodles.

Let me list the traits of the minis. They are intelligent, gentle, affectionate, loyal, and golden retriever. All the traits that make for a wonderful pet! Non-shedding hypoallergenic, with a high intelligence level these dogs are very responsive to training with positive reinforcement.  If you want an outside dog, the Goldendoodle is not for you, they want to be with you. They are very loyal and want to be part of the family.

Our Guarantee- A Loving and Loyal Friend-

We do our very best to estimate the size and weight of our puppies at adult size. We take into account the weight at birth, the size of the parents, and the weights at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. It is possible that your puppy will be larger or smaller than estimated. Due to too many factors, we do not guarantee the estimate. We do not reimburse the price difference if your puppy falls into a larger category, nor do we change the price of the puppy once the price has been agreed upon and a deposit for the puppy has been received.

The breeder guarantees that the puppy is of good/sound temperament at the time of purchase. A huge amount of caring, time, and lots of love has been dedicated to your puppy. Please be committed to do the same. We wish you so many years of happiness with your new loving and loyal friend!

January 5, 2019